Top 3 Things to Know When Considering Custom Dentures

Do you have missing teeth and are opting for custom dentures?

Are your dentures uncomfortable to wear?

Getting custom dentures that snugly fit your gums and jaw can help achieve the comfort and confidence of wearing dentures. Dr. Koveos of Salisbury Dental Care offers custom dentures that fit you and your lifestyle.

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Like any other part of the body, your teeth deserves quality care.  Getting the best dental options for your teeth like custom dentures can help revitalize your smile with confidence.

Custom designed dentures should fit perfectly, function and feel like natural teeth. Like all other major medical decisions, you should always consider certain factors.

Here are the top 3 factors you should consider before getting custom dentures:

#1 The Type of Custom Dentures

Dentures come in different varieties and designs. Dr. Koveos is highly-skilled and experienced in making custom dentures that is sure to suit your oral needs.  Salisbury Dental Care uses advanced technology and high-grade materials in creating custom dentures that perfectly fits you.  

Custom Dentures are made to meet your specific needs.  Here are the different types of custom dentures that can help you with your oral care necessities:

1. All-on-4 Bridges

All-on-4 bridges is a surgical technique that anchors 4 dental implants onto the jaw. The unique implant-supported prosthetic will help you reclaim your beautiful and natural appearance.

This treatment comes in two phases:

    • The first phase involves surgically placing your implants.
  • The second phase involves putting a permanent bridge after the implants have merged with your jaw.

2. Implant Retained Dentures

This procedure involves using mini-implants to snap your dentures in place. Implant retained dentures are more comfortable and can help you feel at ease when chewing your food or even when singing. Compared to others, this procedure is inexpensive and takes about an hour to complete.

3. Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth roots that are anchored onto the jawbone.  These are made of high-grade biomaterials to fabricate your missing teeth. Dr. Koveos uses these implants to anchor a full denture in two unique procedures. 

    • The first procedure involves placing the artificial root in the jawbone below the gum-line.
  • After the first phase, the artificial teeth are then constructed above the gum-line.

4. Dental Bridges

Gaps in between teeth can cause the remaining teeth to move out of their proper alignment.  It may even contribute to having difficulty when eating. A dental bridge is a unique prosthetic designed to fill in the gap left by teeth lost due to injury or poor health.

Opting for custom dentures is a dental decision that requires careful scrutiny. You should consult your dentist before considering and choosing the right custom denture for you. Dr. Koveos will walk you through the process and help you choose the perfect custom denture based on the structure, texture, and shape of your gum.

#2 Price of Custom Dentures

Dr. Koveos offers various types of dental procedures at affordable rates in Salisbury. The cost of getting custom dentures varies and largely depends on the type of denture/implants used.

Compared to other dental practices in the Salisbury area, Salisbury Dental Care offers reasonable rates for consultation, creation, and placement of custom dentures.

#3 Maintenance of Custom Dentures

Custom dentures are built to function and feel like regular teeth. This means that they also require proper maintenance and care.

Dr. Koveos will walk you through the procedures necessary to properly maintain your custom dentures. Like natural teeth, taking good care of your custom dentures will ensure that you enjoy them longer.

With many years of experience, Dr. Koveos will help you get the perfect custom dentures so you can smile, speak or eat in public without worrying about your appearance. Salisbury Dental Care also offers other preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatment options.

Contact us at 704-630-6600 to learn more about custom dentures.

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