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No question about it — dental implants are the option of choice if you need to replace missing teeth. An implant not only restores the visible portion of a tooth, but the part no one sees that hides below the gum line. However, sometimes a traditional dental implant is not the best choice. If you need to replace a smaller tooth or one that is missing from a narrow location in your mouth, then a mini implant may be the ideal solution.

Mini Implants VS. Traditional Dental Implants

We may also choose a mini implant over a traditional dental implant if you need to replace a front tooth or for implant retained dentures, a much more secure option for holding dentures in place than mere suction or denture adhesives. Also, for patients who have been dealing with tooth loss for some time, the consequential bone loss may make mini implants a more viable option than traditional implants.

Mini implants are about half the size of ordinary implants or roughly the width of a toothpick. Moreover, mini implants typically cost less than traditional dental implants, take less time to surgically place and require less healing time.

Mini Implant Procedure

We have extensive training and experience in the surgical placement of mini implants, as well as the design of the porcelain crown, partial or full denture that will restore your smile. Usually, your new mini implant can be placed in one procedure and only requires local anesthesia. Our team will strategically place the implant in your jaw bone. Because a mini implant is not a screw as is a traditional implant, the recovery is usually less uncomfortable and shorter. As you heal, the mini implant fuses with the surrounding bone tissue to form a stable base.

During the healing phase, we’ll give you a temporary tooth replacement. Then, you’ll return to Salisbury Dental Care to have your permanent crown or denture set in place. For dentures, a small piece of the implant extends beyond the gums and snaps into a special fitting on the underside of the denture.

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