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Are you looking for quality dental service that is both efficient and budget friendly?
dr koveos restorative dentist salisbury nc
Are you in need of a cosmetic reconstruction or smile makeover with a professional and artistic touch?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Salisbury Dental Care is known for its comfortable, relaxed and convenient dental service that is not only effective and efficient but accessible and affordable as well. Our dentist is friendly, professional and makes it a point to prioritize your comfort.

Whatever your dental needs might be, be it reconstructive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry or comprehensive dental care, Salisbury Dental Care can take care of you at an affordable cost.

But of course, Salisbury Dental Care wouldn’t be where it is now if it weren’t for Dr. Efthimios E. Koveos, D.M.D.

Who is Dr. Koveos, you ask?

Dr. Efthimios E. Koveos, D.M.D is an experienced dentist in the Carolinas, renowned for his cosmetic and restorative dentistry expertise.

He is been said to have “hands of gold” due to his ability to operate with passion, focus and artistic ability which not many people in the dental world have the capacity to do the way Dr. Koveos can.

Dr. Koveos’ compassion for patients goes beyond the confines of the dental office and he shows it by encouraging them to learn more about their conditions and procedures. He wants them to ask questions. In addition, he ensures that the patients are just as involved in the procedure as he is.

You might wonder why Dr. Koveos is such a trusted and known figure in the dental world, well here is why! With memberships in the American Dental Association, California Dental Association and a Board Certification in the Northeast Region approximately 25 states, it’s not a surprise why our clients trust him with their dental care and why he is one of the best dentist in the Carolinas and Salisbury area.

If it’s cosmetic dentistry service you’re in need of, look no further! Dr. Koveos is an expert in the field weaving together artistic ability and dental precision. He is passionate about providing clients with smile makeovers made with passion, integrity and care.

Best Dental Service Around

Dr. Koveos focuses mainly on cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is done to restore the old quality of damaged teeth.

Dentures would be custom made to fit according to every individual patient to ensure that they fit well, together with a natural look and feel for a more realistic appearance that can blend with the rest of your teeth.

In restorative dentistry, the goal is to restore or bring back the smile you once had before the damage. Common treatments under restorative dentistry include those for tooth decay and missing teeth, tooth extractions, and full mouth reconstruction.

Other services in restorative dentistry are:

    • Root Canal Therapy – new technology and modern dentistry techniques make root canals for sensitive teeth easy.
    • Dentures – allow Dr. Koveos to fix your smile using custom made, well fitted dentures. Be it partial or complete, we make sure that your dentures fit you perfectly.
    • Wisdom Tooth Surgery – for removal of wisdom teeth, surgery shall be performed Dr. Koveos with our state of the art technology. We do our best to produce a comfortable operation.
    • Crown and Bridge – a prosthetic designed to complete the gaps due to missing teeth.
    • Snap in Dentures – snap in dentures take less than an hour to do, virtually affordable. It is used for dentures that don’t fit well.
    • All on 4 Bridges – an All-on-4 Bridge is a special, implant supported prosthetic that securely anchors and bonds on your jaw. The second procedure involves placing a permanent bridge.
    • Mini Implants – mini implants are an excellent alternative for people who don’t want to go with the traditional procedure of implants.
    • Tooth Extraction – a tooth extraction might be necessary if there is damage on the tooth. Dr. Koveos has 25 years of restorative dentistry experience under his belt and can ensure a safe  procedure for you!
    • Same Day Crowns – the CEREC system is an innovative dentistry practice that allows patients to receive crowns in one visit. With this technology, it’ll only take 90 minutes to repair a broken tooth and eliminates the use of crowns that fall off. Talk about a time-saving, convenient operation!
  • Dental Implants – Dental implants are titanium based artificial teeth anchored in the jawbone.

Salisbury Dental Care is ready to cater to your oral health needs. Dr. Koveos will provide you with expert cosmetic and restorative dental treatment and advice that will restore your smile in no time!

Bring Back Your Smile

Trust only our expert Salisbury dentist Dr. Koveos to restore your smile in a comfortable, convenient and efficient way that is not only patient-friendly but budget friendly as well.

With all these years of accomplishments in the dental industry, no wonder why he is the new face of dentistry in the Carolinas.

Are you ready to smile brighter?

If so, trust Dr. Koveos and his “hands of gold” to work his magic on your teeth and restore your smile’s beauty.

Come on over to our dental office located in Salisbury, NC which is open from Monday through Friday at 8 AM – 5 PM. Call us at (704) 630-6600 or book your appointment!

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