Know your options for replacing missing teeth in Salisbury

January 15, 2016

missing teeth salisburyHealthy teeth are the most crucial part of a beautiful smile. If you’re missing one or more of these smile-makers, you should know that tooth replacement is mandatory for your oral health. Those gaps can do more than lower your self-confidence; they also inhibit your ability to eat, speak and smile — and missing teeth eventually lead to significant bone loss. Fortunately, you’ve got some wonderful options in replacement from Dr. Koveos at Salisbury Dental Care. We can help you replace those missing teeth in Salisbury in 2016!


Dental Implants in Salisbury, NC

November 3, 2015

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dental implants

For people who are missing teeth—whether one, two or more—the troubles can seem insurmountable. First of all, just knowing that people are staring at a gaping hole in your mouth can make plenty of people self-conscious. So much so, in fact, they may avoid speaking in social as well as professional situations. Then, there are the oral health concerns that come with tooth loss: an increased risk of additional tooth loss, tooth decay and gum disease. Finally, there are general health concerns, not the least of which is malnutrition; people with missing teeth may not be able to sustain a complete and healthy diet. Thus, the need to replace missing teeth cannot be overestimated. Fortunately, Dr. Scott Koveos at Salisbury Dental Care in Salisbury, NC, replaces missing teeth with dental implants.

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