Advanced Dental Technology

CEREC – Stronger, faster, more lifelike crowns in a single visit, with no need for impressions, temporary crowns, or return visits.

Digital X-rays – 300% more information, 80% less radiation.

Rotary Endodontics – Effective, single-visit root canal therapy.

Cone beam 3D imaging – Guided surgery for dental implants, teeth extractions, root canal therapy, and wisdom teeth, with no more guessing about where vital structures are.

Laser cavity diagnosis – This tool eliminates false positives and false negatives in cavity detection. No more surprise root canals, and no more drilling on teeth without cavities.

Ultraviolet Intraoral Cancer Detection – Enhanced detection of oral cancer. Catch it early, before it requires radical surgery.

Hi-Resolution Intraoral Camera – Allows the doctor to view previously un-viewable areas of your teeth on a high-resolution monitor, enabling you to make better decisions about your own treatment. This tool also stops insurance companies from denying claims.


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