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Do you want a dentist who will keep you comfortable, relaxed and pain-free? A dentist who listens, answers questions and is nonjudgmental? Our Salisbury, NC dental office has the very latest technology, unmatched experience, and offers a multitude of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry options. We are uniquely qualified to repair your smile, even if you have severely broken teeth, crooked teeth, or no teeth.

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Amazing Smile Makeovers in Salisbury

Cosmetic dentistry has never been more accessible and affordable. Transform your smile today in as little as one appointment! Every case starts with finding out about you and your goals. From there, we'll will craft a customized plan that utilizes the latest technology and finest materials to help you create a straighter, brighter and more confident smile.

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ComprehensiveKnowledge & Care

If you have a dental problem that seems insurmountable, call our office. We can probably find a way to fix it.

With CEREC technology , a badly damaged tooth can be repaired in just one visit.

Teeth beyond repair can be gently, safely, and comfortably removed and replaced using dental implants, bridges, or custom-fit dentures to create a beautiful new smile.

With extensive sedation dentistry options, your will be comfortable throughout the process.

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